The KVC Leadership Team

Patrick Mbugua

Simon Lee

Babu Omido

Patrick Mbugua runs a law practice in the centre of Nairobi and is an example to all of us for putting Jesus Christ at the centre of his ministry. Patrick is very spiritually sensitive but doesn’t let this be confined simply to church hours – also practising this in his professional life. Patrick is married to Faith and they have two children, he also assures us that he is a great footballer although this has yet to be proven.


Simon Lee is a telecommunications and network specialist. He has been living in Kenya for 15 years having originally come out for just three months. He is married to Martha and they have four children who are all following in Simon’s passions, they could ride a bike before they could walk. Simon has a great gift for making people feel welcome in the family of God and as a family they show this in a variety of ways. He is also Kenya’s leading expert on classic films.


Babu Omido is born and bred in Kenya, although you might not pick that up instantly in him as he spent a long time as an adult in America. He represents so much of our church by having an international flavour and some Kenyan roots. Babu and his wife Beverly share an incredible pastoral heart and believe and practice a deep sense of compassion in a huge variety of different lives and organisations around Kenya. You might not know this but Babu was also a semi professional Judo expert, he certainly keeps all the leaders in order.


Craig Luper



Eric Hagman 

Craig and Pam originally come from Augusta, Kansas where they both grew up and became high school sweethearts. Craig attended Ozark Christian College where he graduated with a Batchelor of Sacred Literature degree. Pam attended Ozark Bible College for two years. Craig and Pam were married in 1979, where Craig was the youth pastor of a church in Oklahoma. Craig and Pam have two grown sons, Zach and Jordan. Craig loves playing golf, basketball and watching all kinds of sports. Pam loves working out in the yard and decorating around the house. Both love meeting and getting know people and hearing their stories.

Eric Hagman is professionally a contractor and has worked on many building projects across Kenya. He is also the co-founder, along with his wife Tracey, of Heshima Designs a charity which seeks to provide dignity and support for disabled young people and their families. Eric is the practical one in leaders meetings always drawing people back to what the real questions and issues are. Eric enjoys spending time with his family and can often be seen thrashing around in the trees trying to retrieve an errant golf ball. 


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