Children’s Church

Children’s Church Ministry
KVC Kids Church is an exciting and vital ministry in the church. It is a launching pad for nurturing the faith of the next generation. Currently, the children are learning how they can be the ultimate superhero like Jesus. They will see Jesus’ superpowers, secret identity and how to fight for good among many other things through worship, acting out Bible stories, discussion groups relevant to the age group as well as fun games and craft activities.
The children will be given opportunity each week to gain stars in order to gain prizes that will be presented in church every three months. They can gain stars through good behavior, answering and asking great questions in the discussion time alongside doing their best to train to be a superhero like Jesus.All children will need to be registered with a number that parents/guardians collect when arriving at church. Children can not be collected unless the card is returned by the parent/ guardian that dropped them off. We hope this will protect all our children at KVC.

Below are the different age groups at Karen Vineyard Church:

Newborn to 12months / Super Stars 1-3 years / Flash Fighters 4-7 years / Thunder Titians 8-11 years

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Vision Statement

We aim to  empower the next generation through Worship, Bible stories and discipleship in order to equip them for the world and live as Jesus did. Our kids church aims to teach our children God’s love and discipleship  in fun and invigorating ways applicable to their age group so that they can share it with others.


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