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Children’s Church Ministry
Our passion at KVC Kids Church is to nurture the knowledge and love for Jesus in our children. We also desire for faith to be an integral part of the home environment. In achieving this, we have acquired a new curriculum known as Stories of Hope. The curriculum takes children on a Christ-centered, chronological journey through scripture.
The children will discover how the Gospel unfolds from Genesis through Revelation. The curriculum also places an emphasis on the family’s role in discipling the children. It includes colourful activity books for children to use at home. When children truly experience the gospel, their hearts are transformed, and it is our prayer that this experience of unfolding the scriptures will do just that.

Below are the different age groups at Karen Vineyard Church:

Créche – Newborn to 12months / Super Stars 1-3 years / Flash Fighters 4-5 years / Flash Fighters 6-7 years / Thunder Titians 8-9 years / Thunder Titians 10-11 years

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Vision Statement

We aim to  empower the next generation through Worship, Bible stories and discipleship in order to equip them for the world and live as Jesus did. Our kids church aims to teach our children God’s love and discipleship  in fun and invigorating ways applicable to their age group so that they can share it with others.


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